All papers accepted and that are also presented by any of the authors in the XV Encuentro de Economía Aplicada (XV Applied Economics Meeting) will be considered to be published in a special issue in Applied Economics depending on their importance, originality, quality, relevance in relation to the theme of the special issue and other editorial considerations. The special issue will contain around ten papers of normal length, so strong competition in terms of quality is expected.

The guest editors of the special issue in Applied Economics (Professor Josep Lluis Carrion-i-Silvestre, University of Barcelona -carrion@ub.edu- and Professor Emma Iglesias, University of A Coruña –emma.iglesias@udc.es-) will contact the first author of the papers that will be selected to ask them their interest in publishing their paper in the special issue and if they want to proceed with the refereeing process.  The papers considered to be published in the special issue are expected not to have been submitted for publication elsewhere and to comply with the Applied Economics’s submission guidelines.

Authors are encouraged to submit papers across the broad spectrum of theoretical and applied research in welfare analysis. The current economic crisis has highlighted even more the role of welfare economics due to the different points of view between large economic areas such as Europe and the USA. The special issue invites theoretical and empirical papers that explore and contribute to the rethinking of welfare analysis. Some examples of relevant areas that will be considered in the special issue together with its link to welfare analysis are (please note this is not an exhaustive list)

  1. Banking, financial markets, regulation, risk management and welfare economics
  2. Macroeconomics, growth and welfare
  3. Efficiency, productivity and welfare
  4. Unemployment, income inequality, redistribution and poverty
  5. Public economics, public finance, fiscal policy, urban and real state economics and welfare
  6. Cognitive and behavioral economics and welfare
  7. Economics of ageing, cultural economics, economics of happiness and welfare
  8. Demographic economics, economics of human migration and its effects in welfare
  9. Education and welfare
  10. Environmental and resource economics and welfare
  11. Health economics and welfare
  12. International trade and welfare economics

The deadline for submission of papers to the special issue is the same as the deadline to submit papers to the conference “Applied Economics Meeting” to be held in A Coruña in June 7-8, 2012, since only papers accepted to be presented in the conference will be considered for the special issue.